Jopikgården a boutique 4 room converted traditional Swedish country farmhouse, is situated on Hindersön island, one of the archipelagos 1300 islands. Jopikgården has 4 rooms with ensuites, a bar and lounge and a gourmet kitchen. Your guides and staff are available 24/7 and will make your stay unique, personal and truly memorable. All facilities form the lounge to bar, skis, snow shoes and kayaks, sauna and yoga are available as our special guests. Although wi-fi is available, TV’s are not as we encourage guests to disconnect and truly take a break in the wilds of Lapland. Jopikgården is available for bookings from small groups staying in the main house and 24 persons in the double bunk rooms in more traditional hostel styled shared rooms and facilities.

Winter activities include dog sledding, ice fishing, fat biking the frozen sea, hunting for the elusive aurora or eating amazing traditional local foods in the wilderness. Whilst in summer its the time for the Midnight Sun, sea kayaking, hiking, island hopping and relaxing. Each activity has meals included, your personal trained and experienced guide and a maximum group size of 8, but every experience is modified to make sure your experience is unique and truly your own. Staying with us at Jopikgården you will be spoilt by the personal and tailored service, savor the find food and unique activities and enjoy the remoteness and solitude of your hideaway in this frozen wilderness.