Hiking in Swedish Lapland

Follow us on a hike in the land of the midnight sun. Due to 24 hours of daylight, we are able to hike day and night if we want to. Our tours vary from a few hours hike to multiple days. On our multiple day tours, we will follow  “Solanderleden”,  a trail that goes over two municipalities, total 220 km trail. On our tour we will cover a part of Solander leden. We have beautiful countryside that we would like to showcase. The trail runs in the forest, in villages, by cows and horses,  as well as along lakes, rivers, and the Baltics. During the summertime, some villages along the trail are busy with different traditional events. Such as waffle- and bingo nights. This is probably the best way to experience some of the local traditions we have up here. Solanderleden is named after Daniel Solander who was born in Piteå and a disciple of Carl von Linné. 

Please contact us if you have any questions about our hiking tours. info@laplandarchipelago.co m




  • Guided nature hiking tour, 3 h
  • Guided midnight sun hike, 2 h
  • 3 day hiking tour
  • Guided hike and Yoga tour