Fatbike tour

Biking is a great way to experience nature. Experience nature on a fatbike is even greater. The fatbike is surprisingly nimble and easy to handle.  Because of the fat tires, sand, rocks and small obstacles are simply ridden over. Let us take you on a true northern Sweden experience.  Take a fatbike tour and float on top of the sand and ride on the trails as your guide takes you on a tour starting in town to some secret trails around the area. Naturally we stop for picture breaks and snacks before riding back  This is probably the one tour you should not miss. 

Difficulty level:  We adjust the pace and rout to the participants. 

Meeting point: Luleå Activity center, Småbåtsgatan1.

Start 11.00 or 19.00, approx 3 hours from pick up to drop off. Including a snack.