Dog sledding

There is nothing as unique and truly part of Swedish Lappland as dogsledding. Let your experienced musher, and the majestic Siberian huskies of Luleå Adventures take you on a journey in the forest. Lean back and feel the wind in your face as you are watching the scenery pass by. You are literally in the middle of the magnificent Boreal forest, the frozen home of moose, reindeer and Santa (P.S. the real Santa lives in Swedish Lapland….).

If you are lucky on a clear night, and as sunset is so early up here in winter, you maybe be able to see the Northern lights, that is a truly unique and amazing experience so don’t forget to bring your camera. Length: 1,5-2,5 h. Aprox 10 km dog sledding. Included in the price: Dog sled team and guide, snack on the trail. Difficulty: Easy