Dog sled and snowshoe – Looking for the northern light

Experience the enchantment of Swedish Lapland by night! Take advantage of the long winter darkness to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights by snowshoe and feel the power of a dogsled team as you race through the ice and forest! This is the complete package to feel what Swedish Lapland is all about. Start with a quiet snowshoe trek with headlamps in the forest. If we are lucky we can catch the Northern Lights before coming back to the cabin for a traditional Swedish meal eaten by the fire. Following dinner, we meet the huskies, take photos and learn sled handling basics and head back out into the night for an amazing ride! 

Dog sled and snowshoe  – day tour

What’s more fun and exhilarating than snowshoeing in the forest on winter trails or riding on a dogsled through the snowy landscape? How about a mix and match snowshoeing guided tour and dogsledding adventure! We begin by your guide fitting you to your snowshoes before setting off for the first leg of your adventure in Swedish Lapland. Walk on to packed snow machine trails or make your own by snowshoe as your guide takes you on a 3-5 km loop. When you return it’s off to the warm cabin where you have lunch by the open fire before the main attraction begins! We meet the huskies, take photos, and learn sled handling basics before you set off with your guide on the ride of a lifetime. After the day you return to your hotel tired, well-fed, and full of stories of your Northern Swedish adventure.