Eric co-founded Lapland Archipelago Adventures to bring a human powered focus of guiding and experiencing the incredible north Baltic region of Sweden.

Eric was born in the US, and joined the US Army to see the world and test himself physically. After tours in Germany, Louisiana, and Panama, Eric was posted to Alaska where he fell in love with the great north. Passionate about self-propelled adventure, Eric wants to share that love with everyone. After retiring from the US military, Eric was free to move to northern Sweden  and continue the story…..

Recently bitten by the “husky” bug, Eric and Susanne have adopted 4 huskies from kennels that needed a home and have incorporated them into the “family Business”

Eric’s passions are the human powered experience. Nothing in the motorized, electronic, data driven world compares to the feel of the first ascent, the paddle in the water, long days in the saddle and the snow under your skis or snowshoes. Eric is a retired US Army First Sergeant, Wilderness First Responder, Rational Registry Emergency Medical Technician and graduate of many planning, safety & leadership courses and has deployed overseas.


Susanne co founded Lapland Archipelago Adventures to spread the passion for sustainable human powered activities and camping in Swedish Lapland’s northern archipelago.

Susanne was literally born in nature, being raised in a small village in northern Sweden north of the arctic circle. Susanne’s early years were spent picking berries in the forest with her family, camping in
the mountains, hiking and riding horses before being bitten by the travel bug and moving to the “big city” after secondary school looking for adventure. Susanne has traveled to from Asia to Europe to Africa and is eager for more. A lifelong affinity for yoga led Susanne to a career switch to realize her dreams to be a yogi – to provide a unique blended experience to Swedes and visitors alike.

Susanne’s passions aside from yoga are to provide a real and genuine experience to guests that focus on traditional Swedish tastes in food and culture, blending with non-traditional ideas such as yoga, fatbikes, kayaks, snowshoes, and stand up paddle boards to create an lasting and completely one of a kind trip. Susanne is a certified yoga instructor and city guide who has worked in international tourism in Turkey.


Shane is an Australian, who has lived, traveled and adventured across the globe from the hustle and bustle of the biggest of cities, monsoonal frontier towns, remote extremes of the Arctic and isolation of tropical reefs. After years in the Navy as professional mariner, Shane has chosen his home of Swedish Lapland after falling in love with the wilds of the Boreal forests in northern Sweden. Shane has been living and exploring northern Sweden since 1996 and making Luleå home in 2013. Since then, Shane has worked as a guide across the 1300 island Archipelago in Luleå where, if it moves he has utilised it to get out into the ‘quiet places’ of the islands. This includes by hovercraft, snow scooter and boats and there is no better personality of the islands to take you to that remote bay, beautiful sunset or amazing experience than him.

Shane loves the remote beauty of the islands so much, his family and him can only be found on a their own deserted island cabin, not living with nature but within it. Shane, a certified Assistant Wilderness guide (PAWGI and Leave No Trace), Master Mariner and wilderness lover, believes in sustainable eco-tourism and actually making a tangible and physical impact to conservation with responsible and sustainable travel. The ‘Nest Sweden’, our eco island tree camping experience, and SkyArk Luleå are a logical marriage of the missions and values he holds closest. Shane is proud to partner and work with Tentsile Tree Tents, Leave No Trace and SkyArk Kiruna to provide the lowest impact and most memorable experience within nature in one of the most remote and unique locations.