This is self guided and semi supported. We are providing, the route,  maps, transfers, kayak school, 24 hour phone support during the tour.  The tour goes over 8 days with 6 days of paddling. Let us know if you are interested in this tour, and we´ll provide more information on whats included and prices. 

Day 1

Pick up from the airport. Stop by the store to pick up food, and other items that can be needed for the trip. Check in hotel.

Day 2

Kayak class on the river. Day 2 we begin our training with the kayaks. We will cover life vests, fit the kayak to you, and learn the paddle strokes and techniques you need. The the conclusion of the day we will perform some fun safety drills so you know how to get out of the kayak if it rolls over and get back in with the aid of your buddy in his kayak.  Overnight hotel.

Day 3

Day 3 you will put what you have learned to test with a paddle on your own to the other side of the river and back. The distance is about 6km in total which is the longest open water distance you will paddle between islands. After lunch you begin your journey down the river, using the techniques you learned as you paddle down the river through the city gaining confidence in your skills. You will camp for the night at the edge of the land before exploring the archipelago.

Day 4

Sunday you paddle on the south side of Sandön and camp on a beach on the outer tip of the island. If you want, beer and hamburgers are available at a cafe on the island about 500 m where you will stay for the night.

Day 5

Next day you cross the open water to Storbrändön island and paddle east to camp at Kluntarna. From there you will paddle north to to Smålsön where we will be waiting with the tree tent and dinner.

Day 6

Next morning you paddle north to the island of Hindersön and stay on the north side of the island on a beach.

Day 7

Your final day paddling you will go from Hindersön island back to the mainland using nearby islands as a stepping stone to a small harbor called Hagaviken. We will be waiting there for you to take you back to the hotel, and & shower (😊), with an option to visit a Spa.

Day 8

Transfer to the airport. Thank you and good bye.